Diary of Miss J.Blackness written by Miss Melody Moonlight and Bunnies

Thoughts and comments from the owners of Miss Furze

We live in a nice garaden in East Grinstead and Jess lives inside with our mammy as well as the garaden. Our Uncle lives with us. He is a C.A.T like Jess, but he is scared of us as we are so big! We like to write letters and send emails to our Auntie and cusions (some bunny, some hamster) in Reading.

We all spend our time lazing in the garaden or spending time with mummy in her own house.
and most importantly cuddles!, chewing things, climbing washing poles/shed, did i mention sleeping?!, eating, eating greens (yum!), exploring, faith- dozing, giving mammy kisses, having my nose stroked, hiding in boxes, hope- playing games, jess - hunting, licking faith's ears, playing, running round the garaden, sleeping, throwing things